#Transfer Learning | Applications

#Tensor Flow | Solutions to accelerate machine learning tasks | Prepare data | Build Machine Learning ML models | Deploy models | Run models in production and keep them performing | Multidimensional array based numeric computation (similar to NumPy) | GPU and distributed processing | Automatic differentiation | Model construction, training, and export

#Intel | AI Kit | Processors

#Udacity | Simulator

#University of Texas at Austin | Transfer Learning for Reinforcement Learning on a Physical Robot

#Google Research | Visual Transfer Learning for Robotic Manipulation

#DSpace@MIT | Visual Transfer Learning for Robotic Manipulation

#Toyota Research Institute | Robot learning techniques, coupled with diffusion models | Developing systems that can help older people continue to live independently | Robots that can learn and adapt to new tasks | Teaching systems through teleoperation | Remotely driving robot through demonstrations | Teleop device transmitting force between robot and person | Sight and force feedback to produce fuller picture of task | Force feedback | Flipping pancakes | Representing a robot visuomotor policy as conditional denoising diffusion process | Centrally accessible cloud-based system | Creating Large Behavior Models

#AnyMAL | Robot | Navigating as a wheeled quadruped | Standing upright on its hind legs, utilizing its front wheels as makeshift hands | Trained to perform practical tasks | Multimodal platform designed for last-mile delivery and logistics | GPS, LiDAR, and cameras for independent navigation | Reinforcement learning known as curiosity-driven learning | High-level sparse rewards | Independently discerning how to complete the entire task from the beginning | Learning process finely attuned to slight alterations in training environment | Potential for innovative task completion in intricate and dynamic scenarios

#Sanctuary AI | Pheonix humanoid robot | General-purpose humanoid robot | Form factor similar to an average-sized human | Carbon AI control system | Human-like intelligence | Robotic hand | Hand-eye coordination of object manipulation tasks | Haptic technology that mimics the sense of touch | AI model training | General-purpose robotics

#SEA.AI App | Detecting floating objects early | Using thermal and optical cameras to catch unsignalled craft, floating obstacles, containers, buoys, inflatables, kayaks and persons over board

#Anybotics | Workforce App | Operate ANYmal robot from device | Set up and review robot missions | Industrial Inspection

#OpenAI | Developers access to Stack Overflow technical knowledge about coding

#IDS | Industrial image processing | 3D cameras | Digital twins can distinguish color | Higher reproducible Z-accuracy | Stereo cameras: 240 mm, 455 mm | RGB sensor | Distinguishing colored objects | Improved pattern contrast on objects at long distances | Z accuracy: 0.1 mm at 1 m object distance | SDK | AI based image processing web service | AI based image analysis